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Ricky Brisson
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AsiaPacific International Adoption Forum (APIAF)

/showurl.php?url=2076 This is the discussion group for the Asia Pacific International Adoption Forum, an umbrella group for non-government organizations in the Asia-South West Pacific Region with an interest in adoption. Membership may include accredited adoption organisations, child welfare organisations, intercountry adoption support organisations, medical specialists with an interest in inter-country adoption. You must agree to be a member of APIAF to join this yahoogroup. See Asia Pacific International Adoption Forum

Please note that this is not a discussion group for adoptive parents, but for adoption professionals and organisations that assist adoptive families.
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This list offers a place for aparents to discuss the issues affecting parenting INA (INternationally Adopted) children that are brought up at International-Adopt-Talk (IAT.)

It is a safe place for aparents to vent about the hard issues of INA (INternational Adoptions) or ask for help/advice from other aparents. Our hope is that it will offer aparents a place to process some of the hard things (and good things!) in order to be able to help their children when or if they begin to face some of the same issues. Experienced aparents are here to mentor, share and help.

You do not need to be a member of IAT to be a member here. It is open to aparents who have adopted from any international country or PAPs (potential aparents) who are paper ready or in the paper chase depending on the procedures of the sending country.

Occasionally we will talk about our faith journeys as it affects our parenting. Pls no proselytizing or criticism or faith statements, per se, as that might discount or deny another's walk. Use the delete button if it doesn't interest you. Let the moderators know if anything is offensive.
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International Adopt Talk
This list is open to families in the IA triad interested in honest, in-depth exploration of difficult issues -- who wish to learn from adult adoptees and families with experience parenting older IA are willing to delve deeper into the complexities of adoption and how it affects those we love. We focus on the late years: tweener through adult (i.e. lifelong) issues.
Our primary purpose is to learn from the adult adoptees. Our secondary purpose is to have a safe place to discuss difficult things and ask for help from experienced IA families and adoptees. We are dedicated to listening to grown adoptees, not rebut their experiences. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the discussions membership is restricted to members of the adoption triad -- adult adoptees, birth parents, and a-parents.

We allow discussion of our faith journeys as it affects our parenting. But be respectful. No proselytizing or criticism or faith statements, that might discount or deny another's walk. Use the delete button if disinterested or alert the moderators to something you find offensive.

Please consider a group that was specifically designed to address the needs and interests of adoptive parents who are waiting or have very young children. Discuss-IAT

This is a restricted list and all members must respond to the request for further information and an introductory email to be approved. If you do not receive a request, please alert the moderators to the problem at
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The Adoption Connection

/showurl.php?url=2063 A support group for any one interested in any aspect of adoption--adoptive parents, trying to adopt, thinking of adopting, pregnant women looking into adoption for their babies, adoptees--international, domestic and private adoption will be covered.
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The Adoption Option
An open, informal group involving all members of the adoption triad. Birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees are all invited to share their experiences and knowledge. Our goal is to facilitate, communicate, and direct our members to the best suited avenue to meet thier individual needs. Adoption professionals are also invited to provide support and share their knowledge.
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